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Planning Committee - Wednesday 27th January 2021 2.00 pm

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Councillor N Poole substituted for Councillor J Davison; and Councillor Gosling substituted for Councillor Southern.




Declarations of Disclosable Pecuniary Interests and Personal or Personal and Prejudicial Interests, significant contact with applicants, objectors or third parties (Lobbying) and Whipping Arrangements (if any).


The following member declared a personal and prejudicial interest in the following item:


Cllr David Wells

Application: PA/2020/1592   Minute: 2069(vi)

Interest: Relation


The following members declared a personal interest in the following items:


Cllr Ali

Application: PA/2020/1849   Minute: 2069 (vii)

Interest: Ward Member


Cllr Rose

Application: PA/20201354   Minute: 2069 (ii)

Interest: Chair of the CPRE North Lincolnshire and Yorkshire and Humber.


The following members declared they had been lobbied on the following items:


Cllr Evison

Application: PA/2020/1354   Minute: 2069 (vii)


Cllr L Foster

Application: PA/2020/1354   Minute: 2069 (vii)


Cllr Grant

Application: PA/2020/1354   Minute: 2069 (vii)


Cllr Poole

Application: PA/2020/1354   Minute: 2069 (vii)


Cllr N Sherwood

Application: PA/2020/1354   Minute: 2069 (vii)





To take the minutes of the meetings held on 18 November 2020 as a correct record and authorise the chairman to sign. pdf icon PDF 55 KB


Resolved – That the minutes of the proceedings of the meeting held on 18  November 2020, having been printed and circulated amongst the members, be taken as read and correctly recorded and be signed by the Chairman.


Applications deferred from previous meetings for a site visit. pdf icon PDF 80 KB

Additional documents:


In accordance with the decisions at the previous meeting, members had undertaken site visits on the morning of the meeting.  The Group Manager - Development Management submitted reports and updated them orally. 


(i)            PA/2019/1904 by Mr T Webster, WFW Developments Ltd for planning permission to erect 28 affordable dwellings with associated access and other works at Old Railway Sidings, A18 from Althorpe to Gunness, Althorpe, DN17 3HN.


The agent addressed the committee and in doing so thanked the planning officer for their concise report and recommending approval.  He stated that the site had previously been a decisions of the Planning Inspector who allowed an appeal for 14 dwellings following a need for housing in the area and the lack of a five year land supply. He indicated that the site was a sustainable development, was in accordance with local policies and would meet the needs of the councils identified shortfall of housing.  He also stated it would meet the needs of the local area.


Cllr Briggs spoke as the local ward member and urged the committee to refuse the application due to a number of concerns.  These included it being in an inappropriate location, outside the development boundary, access, no robust drainage system and the risk of flooding.


Cllr Evison having visited the site felt the development was in the wrong location and outside the development boundary.  He also stated that he had concerns about the flood risk, that there was no robust drainage strategy and was against a number of policies.


Cllr Grant said he could not vote against the application due to the Inspectors decision, and the principal of housing already in the area.


It was moved by Cllr Evison and seconded by Cllr Hannigan –


That planning permission be refused for the following reasons –

The applicant has failed to demonstrate that the development will be safe from flooding, without increasing flood risk elsewhere. The developer has not provided a robust drainage strategy that explores the feasibility of SuDS nor offered any reasons why sustainable drainage techniques cannot be used. The proposal is therefore contrary to policy CS19 of the Core Strategy, as well as DS14 and DS16 of the North Lincolnshire Local Plan and paragraphs 155–165 of the National Planning Policy Framework.

The proposal would require the finished floor levels of dwellings on the western part of the site to be raised considerably in order to protect future residents from the risk of flooding. This engineered solution would lead to an inappropriate amount of built form within the open countryside that would be highly visible across the landscape. The proposal is therefore considered contrary to policies RD2 of the North Lincolnshire Local Plan as well as CS5 and CS8 of the North Lincolnshire Core Strategy.

                                                                                                            Motion Carried.




Major Planning Applications. pdf icon PDF 82 KB

Additional documents:


The Group Manager – Development Management and Building Control submitted a report containing details of major applications for determination by the committee, including summaries of policy context, representations arising from consultation and publicity and assessment of the applications.


(i)             PA/2020/764 by Mrs Smith for planning permission to change the use of a paddock to a children’s eco-nursery, including the erection of an office, teaching lodge and poly tunnel, and other associated alterations at Field South-East of Catchwater Farm, Butterwick Road, Messingham, DN17 3PL.


Cllr Poole felt it was necessary for the committee to visit the site before making a decision on the application.


Resolved That the application be deferred to the next meeting to allow the committee to visit the site.


(ii)            PA/2020/1413 by Modernistiq (Harrogate) Ltd for application for approval of reserved matters following outline planning permission PA/2017/1975 dated 11/03/2020 for the erection of up to 23 dwellings, namely appearance, landscaping, layout and scale at Horse Shoe House, 119 Westgate Road, Westgate, Belton, DN9 1PY.


The agent addressed the committee and outlined the application, and the reasons for the officer recommending approval, and highlighted why it was a good development for Belton.


Resolved – That planning permission be granted in accordance with the recommendations contained within the officer’s report.


Planning and other applications for determination by the committee. pdf icon PDF 82 KB

Additional documents:


The Group Manager – Development Management submitted a report incorporating a schedule containing details of applications for determination by the committee including summaries of policy context, representations arising from consultation and publicity and assessment of the applications.  The Head of Development Management updated the reports orally where appropriate.  Other officers attending gave advice and answered members’ questions as requested.


(i)             PA/2020/1066 by Mr M Richards for outline planning permission for up to five dwellings and associated works with appearance, landscaping, layout and scale reserved for subsequent consideration at Butchers Arms, White House Lane, West Halton, DN15 9AZ.


An objector spoke on behalf of a number of residents and in doing so stated that the loss of the essential community resource would have a big impact on West Halton. He highlighted that the beer garden was a sunny, open community family space, and the loss of the space would be to the detriment of the pub and the village.  It would also lead to parking problems causing further disruption.


The agent confirmed that the application was only at outline stage with matters reserved for a later date. The application did give a flavour for the housing development and how it could be accommodated on the site without encroaching the open countryside. He also highlighted that a noise and drainage report had been carried out with no concerns.


Cllr’s Ogg and Rowson as ward members spoke to the committee with their concerns and the affect this would have on the pub. They urged the committee to have a site visit before making a decision.


Resolved – That the application be deferred to the next meeting to allow the committee to visit the site.


(ii)            PA/2020/1354 by Mr Paul Chapman for planning permission to erect six two-storey detached dwellings and change the use of the main building of the Duke William Motel to residential use (and demolish an existing side extension to the Duke William and rear chalets) at Duke William Hotel, 27 Church Street, Haxey, DN9 2HY.


An objector addressed the committee on behalf of the Haxey Community Group.  He stated that the application was not in line with policies, and highlighted the Inspectors previous refusal taken in 2019, and said nothing had changed in this application for it to be approved.  He said it would have a detrimental impact on the historic landscape of the area, it was over development and the community had raised many objections against it.


The agent spoke in response and indicated it was a revised scheme following a thorough review following the Planning Inspectors decision, and therefore re-devised all aspects the Inspector raised.  Key amendments had been made and the development was within the boundary limits, with more traditional style cottages.  He stated the site would be well concealed and would be an improvement on the current condition of the site. 


The Chairman read out a letter of objection from Andrew Percy MP following concerns raised by residents.


Cllr Rose spoke as the local  ...  view the full minutes text for item 2069.


Any other items, which the chairman decides are urgent, by reasons of special circumstances, which must be specified.


There were no other items for consideration by the committee at this meeting.