Children and Families Cabinet Member - Wednesday 24th March 2021

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The Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) and Inclusion Plan 2021-24


23        THE SPECIAL EDUCATIONAL NEEDS AND DISABILITY (SEND) AND INCLUSION PLAN 2021-24 - The Director: Learning, Skills and Culture submitted a report seeking approval for the adoption and publication of the SEND and Inclusion Plan 2021-24.


The SEND and Inclusion Plan 2021-24 outlined the council’s aspirations and plans for families, children and young people (aged 0-25) with SEND in North Lincolnshire.  The plan described how the council would build upon the strength and resilience of the families, children and young people to find solutions and be supported by a cohesive workforce that was strong, confident and competent.


The plan was one of a suite of documents that sat beneath the Council Plan and was closely linked to the North Lincolnshire Children’s Commissioning Strategy 2020-2024 and the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (SEND) 2019.


The plan also set out how children and young people with SEND were included within the council’s ‘One Family Approach’ to integrated support, ensuring that they lived within a culture of enablement to achieve even better outcomes.


Resolved – That the SEND and Inclusion Plan be approved, adopted and published for the period 2021-2024.