Environment and Strategic Planning Cabinet Member - Tuesday 16th February 2021

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Worlaby Parish Neighbourhood Plan - Consultation on Submission Plan ('Regulation 16' Consultation)


5        WORLABY PARISH NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN – CONSULTATION ON SUBMISSION PLAN (‘REGULATION 16’ CONSULTATION) – The Director: Business Development submitted a report informing the Cabinet Member of the submission of the Worlaby Parish Council Neighbourhood Plan to the council on 2 November 2020 for the purposes of Regulation 16 Consultation, and seeking approval to advertise and publish the plan for a six-week consultation and submit it for examination.


The Localism Act 2011 introduced new opportunities for local communities to get involved in planning their areas by preparing neighbourhood plans, neighbourhood development orders, and community right to build orders. The Act and associated neighbourhood planning regulations provided town/parish councils and neighbourhood forums powers to shape and encourage the delivery of new development.


Before a town/parish council or neighbourhood forum could begin the work of preparing a Neighbourhood Plan they must apply to have the area they wished the plan to cover to be formally designated. Worlaby Parish Council’s Area Application was submitted to the council on 13 January 2014. The Neighbourhood Area was designated on 4 August 2014.


As soon as a Neighbourhood Area had been designated the local planning authority was under a duty to support and was obliged by law to help local communities draw up their neighbourhood plans.


The Worlaby Parish Neighbourhood Plan had been developed by a core of Steering Group members led by the Parish Council. The local community had been engaged in the process following several consultation events, questionnaires, surveys and a Visioning Day.


Full details of the method for pre-submission consultation and the publication of the plan proposal were set out in the report.


Results of the six-week consultation would be collated and reported to the parish council and the Cabinet Member as soon as possible following the consultation period. Once any amendments had been made, the council would arrange an examination of the plan led by an impartial planning examiner. If the plan was recommended for adoption a referendum giving local people the opportunity to vote on whether they think the plan should be adopted would take place. If it was supported by the local community the policies in the Worlaby Parish Neighbourhood Plan would then be used by the council when determining planning applications in Worlaby Parish.


Resolved – (a) That the report be noted, and (b) that Option 1, set out at paragraph 3.2 of the report, that the proposal to advertise and publish the Worlaby Parish Submission Draft Neighbourhood Plan for a six-week consultation and submit the plan for examination, be approved.