Safer, Stronger Communities - Rural Cabinet Member - Tuesday 1st December 2020

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Approval of Enhancing our Environment Grant applications


3        APPROVAL OF ENHANCING OUR ENVIRONMENT GRANT APPLICATIONS – The Director: Governance and Partnerships submitted a report considering applications for financial support against the eligibility criteria of the scheme and available funds.


An allocation of £150,000 from the Enhanced and Prosperous Communities Fund was resolved in January 2020 to support groups with delivering environmental projects in North Lincolnshire.


The report set out at Appendix 1 the current applications to the grant scheme together with the assessment panel’s recommendations for consideration.


Resolved – That the following amounts of community grant support be approved:









Grant Awarded

Wroot Parish Council

Community Woodland Development (Phase 1 – Planting)



Wroot Parish Council

Community Woodland Development (Phase 2 – Fencing, Gates, Wildflowers and Seating)


Haxey Memorial Hall


Installation of solar panels


Brigg Bowling Club


Rainwater Harvesting and Irrigation System