Safer, Stronger Communities - Rural Cabinet Member - Thursday 14th January 2021

No. Item


Community Grant Applications


5        COMMUNITY GRANT APPLICATIONS – The Director: Governance and Partnerships submitted a report considering applications for financial support against the eligibility criteria of the scheme and available funds.


The Community Grant Fund supported –


·       Grants to Individuals

·       Community Revenue Grant Programme

·       Community Capital Grant Programme


Additional capital budgets had also been approved for –


·       Enhanced and Prosperous Community Programme


The Cabinet Member for Safer, Stronger Communities – Ashby, Bottesford & Scunthorpe (‘Urban’) was consulted on the Director’s report.


Resolved – (a) That the following amounts of Community Grant support be approved:



Amount Granted

Kirmington & Croxton Parish Council


Oasis Community Hub – Henderson Avenue


Friends of Baysgarth Park


Kirton in Lindsey Town Council



and (b) that the proposal for applications for Grants to Individuals previously deferred due to the impact of Covid-19 to now not be considered due to events not going ahead during the financial year be approved.