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Standards Committee

Following the Localism Act 2011 from 1 July 2012 all councils are responsible for their own standards of conduct.

In North Lincolnshire, the Standards Committee also covers the area’s many parish and town councils.

The North Lincolnshire Standards Committee includes seven North Lincolnshire councillors and two independent persons (non voting) and one co-opted member (non voting).

As provided for in the Localism Act the council has appointed an Independent Person (and one reserve) whose role is to be consulted by the Monitoring Officer, or the Committee as appropriate, on decisions as to whether to investigate a complaint, whether a member’s conduct has constituted a breach of the code and if so what action should be taken against the member.

The committee:

  • Promotes high standards of conduct by members and co-opted members of this council and town and parish council’s within North Lincolnshire.
  • Advises the Council on its code of conduct
  • Guides and trains members, co-opted members and the Independent Persons and monitors the operation of the code of conduct
  • Reviews the code of conduct and the Council’s ‘Arrangements‘ under the Localism Act.
  • Considers complaints against members and co-opted members and makes assessments and determinations of them where appropriate.
  • Considers reports of the Monitoring Officer on complaints relating to alleged breaches of the code of conduct.
  • Considers dispensation to members from requirements relating to interests set out in the code of conduct and exemptions to political restriction on officers.