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Children and Families Cabinet Member

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Information about Children and Families Cabinet Member

(a)       The functions and areas of policy and decision making responsibility to the extent that they are not non-executive are:


(i)         Statutory Lead Member for Children’s Services and all related responsibilities under section 19 of the Children Act 2004


(ii)        Strategic local leadership and development of the education and children’s services sector including housing for Care leavers and homeless prevention for young people


(iii)       Champion across North Lincolnshire to drive for high educational standards for all children and young people, and in particular for the most disadvantaged groups


(iv)       Children’s social care, including Adoption and Fostering


(v)        Promote sufficient, high quality and sustainable education and children’s social care provider market


(vi)       Schools capital investment


(vii)      Children’s Safeguarding


(viii)     To promote children’s literacy


(ix)       Strategic Lead for Public Transport


(x)        Education Access and Inclusion and Disability


(xi)       School Intervention, Improvement, Learning and Professional Standards


(xii)      Youth Justice


(xiii)     Children’s Early Help and Family Support


(xiv)     Vulnerable Children Engagement, Advocacy and Complaints


(xv)      Social Work Professional Standards (Children)



(b)        Additional specific delegated decision making powers to:


(i)         Approval of the Schools and Early Years Funding Formula


(ii)        Approval of the Local Admissions arrangements for Maintained Schools


(iii)       Appointment of local authority governors


(iv)       Appointment of Education Appeals panel members


(v)        Approval of the Statement of Purpose for Ofsted regulated provision


(vi)       Receive the Annual Statutory Complaints report