Committee details

Deputy Leader - Adults and Health Cabinet Member

Purpose of committee

(a)      The functions and areas of policy and decision making responsibility to the extent that they are not non-executive are:

(i)     To undertake responsibilities of the Leader in his absence and deputise for the Leader as required

(ii)    To be the vice-chair of Cabinet

(iii)    Strategic Lead for Health and Social care integration

(iv)   Adult Social Care (as defined in the Care Act, Mental Health Act and Mental Capacity Act)

(v)    Social Work Professional Standards (Adults) and Adult Safeguarding

(vi)   Integrated Health and Social Care Commissioning

(vii)   Promote sufficient, high quality and sustainable care market

(viii)  Champion vulnerable adults and carers across the Health and Wellbeing Board partnerships and the NHS

(ix)   Promote the improvement in health and wellbeing outcomes across North Lincolnshire

(x)    Public Health Statutory Commissioned Services (e.g. sexual health, substance misuse)

(xi)   Vulnerable Adult Engagement, Advocacy and Complaints

(xii)   Housing sufficiency to meet needs of vulnerable adults

(xiii)  Public Health Improvement and promotion (e.g. healthy lifestyles, making every contact count, suicide prevention)

(xiv)  Strategic lead Housing Advice and Homelessness Prevention

(xv)  Emergency Planning and Civil Contingencies

(xvi)  Public Health Protection functions including outbreak planning and control (including Covid-19)

(xvii) Shared Services Lead (Joint Committee)

(xviii) Organisational Development (including post Covid-19)

(xix)  Human Resources

(xx)  Workforce Development

(xxi)  Organisational Health and Safety

(xxii) Ensure all council policies support Public Health priorities

(b)      Additional specific delegated decision powers to:

(i)     Approve Statements of Purpose for North Lincolnshire Council Care Quality Commission regulated provision

(ii)    Receive Annual reports in respect of Statutory Complaints