Committee details

Finance and Governance Cabinet Member

Purpose of committee

(a)      The functions and areas of policy and decision making responsibility to the extent that they are not non-executive are:

(i)     Financial Services, including Accounting and Budgeting, Internal Audit and Assurance and Procurement, Capital Investment Strategy and Capital Programme

(ii)    Collection of council tax and NNDR

(iii)    Administration of Housing Benefit and Local Council Tax Support

(iv)   Veterans - Armed forces champion and Armed Forces Covenant

(v)    Information Governance

(vi)   ICT

(vii)   Democratic Services, including Electoral and Mayoral Services; Member Services

(viii)  Legal Services

(ix)   Arrangements for Coroner’s, Local Land Charges and Registration Services


(b)      Additional specific delegated decision making powers to:

(i)     Be consulted by the Director: Governance and Partnerships on proposals to write off debtor accounts in excess of £5000 for any one debtor

(ii)    Approve the grant of Discretionary Rate Relief

(iii)    Approve changes to the capital programme in excess of £350k