Environment and Strategic Planning Cabinet Member - Tuesday 16th February 2021

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Draft Air Quality Annual Status Report (ASR) 2020


1        DRAFT AIR QUALITY ANNUAL STATUS REPORT (ASR) 2020 - The Deputy Chief Executive and Director: Commercial submitted a report seeking approval to consult on the Local Air Quality Management Annual Status Report 2020 and publish the final document following consultation.


The council as part of its regulatory duties under Local Air Quality Management, must carry out a review of air pollution every year. Industrial, domestic and traffic sources must be compared with legal limits for major pollutants.

In March 2018 following improvements in local air quality the council revoked the Air Quality Management Area (AQMA) at Low Santon. The Scunthorpe AQMA was also reduced in size. There were now approximately 1700 residential properties located within the AQMA. This was equivalent to 2.4% of residential properties within North Lincolnshire.


The Annual Status Report for 2020 set out all the air pollution data for the calendar year 2019 against Local Air Quality objectives as set out in the Air Quality (England) Regulations 2000.


Some areas within the Scunthorpe AQMA still experienced elevated concentrations of PM10 or ‘near miss’ exceedance days. These were often influenced by changes in wind speed or direction which may lead to an exceedance and were associated with industrial emissions.         


The Air Quality Action Plan for the Scunthorpe AQMA was currently being reviewed in consultation with stakeholders to ensure that the revised actions continued to bring about real improvements to local air quality.


Resolved – (a) That the proposal to consult with the organisations listed at Appendix 1 to the report be approved, and (b) that relevant feedback be incorporated into the report and the final document produced for publication.