Local Access Forum - Wednesday 10th April 2019 2.00 pm

Contact: Email: vikki.oxley@northlincs.gov.uk 

No. Item


Welcome and Introductions


Apologies for absence


Apologies were received from, Cllrs Ogg, Ali, Hazel Armstrong, Peter Mckenzie-Brown, Dennis Oliver, Nick Harland, Pam Cook and Lorna Fillingham.


Declarations of personal interests


No declarations were received from members.


To approve as a correct record the minutes of the Local Access Forum held on 23 January 2019 pdf icon PDF 229 KB


Resolved - That the minutes of the meeting held on 23 January 2019, having been circulated amongst the members, be taken as read and correctly recorded and be signed by the chairman.


Matters arising from minutes dated 23 January 2019


Richard Alderson commented that the planning application submitted by Belton Brickworks had been approved on the 14th December 2018 which saw one restriction applied that requested a travel plan to be submitted six months after the business was in use. Richard suggested that this monitored and to make a note of any issues or concerns.


Resolved – That the position be noted.


Local Access Forum sub group updates




I.        Discovering Lost Ways – Update from the sub group

No update was available at the meeting.


Open Cast Way


Discussions took place and it was requested that the Open Cast Way received Higher Rights. However it was agreed that this would prove problematic due to accessibility issues along the way. It was suggested that parts of the Iron Stone Trail were used as alternative route which allowed for Higher Rights.  Daniel Marsh asked the forum if the Open Cast Way should be a regular agenda item. It was agreed that this should be added to the agenda at every other meeting and for update purposes only.


Resolved – (a) That aspirations of the Local Access Forum to include Higher Rights on the Open Cast Way be kept, and (b) that the Open Cast Way should be included as an agenda item at every other meeting for update purposes only.


Definitive Map


Colin Wilkinson informed the Local Access Forum that there had been no substantial changes since the last meeting and that the 1st of January 2026 remained the current cut off.


Resolved – That the update be noted.


Bridle ways update



         Hirst Priory to Derrythorpe – Colin Wilkinson informed the forum that due to a complaint being received that this would have to go to the Secretary of State.


Resolved – That the update be noted.


Ancholme Cycleway


Colin Wilkinson advised the forum that no further progress had been made and there were still issues with the land owner. As a result of this, a referral to the Secretary of State was being prepared to consider the exact location of footpath, as there were suggestions that the footpath may have been an old tow path which had been washed away by the river. Colin also advised that there were still concerns over the barrier on Bridge Lane that needed to be re-visited.


Resolved – (a) That the update be noted and, (b) that further updates be presented to the forum at the next meeting.


Any other business


Chris Curtis attended the meeting as a member of the public and as per minute number 678 of the previous meeting, asked for ideas from the forum as to what the Ramblers could spend the £5,000 on left to them as a part of a Will. Suggestions were put forward by the forum which Chris would take away for consideration.


Resolved – That the suggestions given to Chris by the Local Access Forum on what to spend the £5,000 on be considered by the Ramblers Association.


Forward Plan


Date and time of next meeting


The following dates were proposed and agreed –


         Wednesday 10 July 2019 – Venue to be agreed.

         Wednesday 9 October 2019 – Venue to be agreed.