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Major Planning Applications.


The Group Manager – Development Management submitted a report containing details of major applications for determination by the committee, including summaries of policy context, representations arising from consultation and publicity and assessment of the applications.


(i)   PA/2020/1333 by Mr W Foster-Thornton for outline planning permission to erect up to 144 dwellings with appearance, landscaping, layout and scale reserved for subsequent consideration at Land off Burringham Road, Ashby Parklands, Scunthorpe.


The agent for the development stated the development outlined would benefit the wider community, and had developed the application working with Lindsey Lodge Hospice who was the neighbouring property.  She stated it was infill development within the limits of the local plan.


Cllr Walshe as the local ward member had concerns with the application around drainage and highways, and asked the committee to amend conditions 22 and 23 if approved to agree foul water management and the highway issues.


The Group Manager Development Manager and Building Control indicated that the conditions for the water management could be amended but the condition for the highways would have to be sorted through the Section 106 agreement with the applicant.


Cllr Evison agreed with the previous speakers and moved to grant permission with the amendment to the condition.


Resolved That planning permission be granted in accordance with the recommendations contained within the officers report, with amendment to the following condition:


No development shall take place until a scheme for the disposal of foul water has been agreed in writing by the local planning authority and none of the dwellings shall be occupied until it is connected to the approved drainage system.



To ensure satisfactory drainage is provided in accordance with policy DS14 of the North Lincolnshire Local Plan.


(ii)  PA/2019/1904 by Mr T Webster, WFW Developments Ltd for planning permission to erect 28 affordable dwellings with associated access and other works at Old Railway Sidings, A18 from Althorpe to Gunness, Althorpe, DN17 3HN


Cllr Briggs addressed the committee with regard to the application, and in doing so urged the committee to have a look at the site and access before making a decision.


Resolved – That the application be deferred to the next meeting to allow the committee to visit the site.

(iii)  PA/2020/248 by Partner Construction & Acis Group for planning permission to erect 20 dwellings comprising 10 rent to home buy, five shared ownership and five open market dwellings at land adjacent to the pumping station, Ings Lane, Hibaldstow.


Two objectors addressed the committee with their concerns to the proposed development. They indicted that a rural exception site should be driven by local need, and this was not the case in this application.  Hibaldstow already had its allocation of social housing, with a lot of ongoing development already approved for the area.  It would have a negative impact of the area, increased traffic on an already busy road, and possible drainage issues.


The agent referred to the application and highlighted it was a re-submission of an old one, and in the re-submission a great deal of work had been carried out with officer’s to rectify any issues that were a problem last time.  He indicated that there had been overwhelming evidence to suggest the need for the development, including some affordable housing in the area, along with the provision of 16 bungalows. He stated that there would be a full financial contribution to the area, and whilst it was beyond the settlement boundary, due to the affordable housing exception policy it was acceptable.


Cllr Poole raise his concerns with regard to the application on behalf of a number of residents. He agreed with the objectors but had an issue with the flooding aspect, and soak away systems that had previously failed. The pumping station was also in a low lying area next to the River Ancholme and flooding could be a problem.  He urged the committee to refuse the application as there was insufficient evidence to demonstrate the need for the development in Hibaldstow and was contrary to a number of planning policies.


Cllr Evison stated there was no demonstrative evidence for affordable housing in Hibaldstow, and the application was contrary to the following policies CS9, CS2, CS5, CS8, RD2 and DS1. He said the scheme would urbanise the rural landscape, there was flooding issues, and noise issues from the pumping station and could not support the application.


Cllr J Davison agree with the objectors and their knowledge of the survey carried out that he felt was not independent, and agreed there was no affordable housing need in Hibaldstow.


Cllr L Foster stated that agents and applicants keep using the five year land supply as a reason for approval, and it was always going to be an issue until the new local plan was approved.  He stated that development was a large scheme outside the development boundary and he could not support it.


It was moved by Cllr Evison and seconded by Cllr J Davison –


That planning permission be refused for the following reasons –



Insufficient evidence has been provided to prove that there is a demonstrable need for the proposed affordable housing to serve the settlement of Hibaldstow. The proposal is therefore contrary to policy CS9 of the North Lincolnshire Core Strategy.


The proposal would introduce a significant amount of built form on a Greenfield site outside the identified development boundaries for Hibaldstow that would urbanise the existing rural landscape. The proposal is therefore contrary to policies CS2, CS5 and CS8 of the North Lincolnshire Core Strategy, and RD2 and DS1 of the North Lincolnshire Local Plan.


                                                                                Motion Carried.


(iv)  PA/2020/362 by Mr Kim Stones, Kim Stones Ltd for planning permission to erect 15 lodges, three glamping pods, a reception and office, and new vehicular access at Ponds, Poles Bank, Wroot.


The agent spoke in favour of the application.


Cllr Rose the local ward member spoke against the application for the reasons contained within the officer’s report, and following concerns from local residents.


Resolved That planning permission be refused in accordance with the reason contained within the officer’s report.


(v)  PA/2020/1413 by Modernistiq (Harrogate) Ltd, Modernistig (Harrogate) Ltd for application for approval of reserved matters following outline planning permission PA/2017/1975 dated 11/03/2020 for the erection of up to 23 dwellings, namely appearance, landscaping, layout and scale at Horse Shoe House, 119 Westgate Road, Westgate, Belton, DN9 1PY.


The agent spoke on the application and referred to the officer’s report. He thanked the officer for recommending grant permission, and stated the development complied with all policies and the local plan.  He stated that it was for reserved matters and following an appeal to the inspectorate who approved permission highlighted that the inspector said the benefits outweighed any harm that would be caused by the development.


Cllr Mitchell spoke as the local ward member against the application following objections from the community.  He referred to the officer’s report and stated that the comments from Belton Parish Council had been omitted but were on the planning portal, and therefore felt the committee did not have all the information in front of them. He also informed the committee that there were ongoing meetings with council officer’s regarding the financial assessment and Section 106 agreement, and those meetings were still to take place so felt the application should be deferred until the committee had all the relevant information available to them.


Cllr Evison felt there was more work to be completed on the application and it should be deferred until it was all ready to come back to the committee.


Resolved - That the application be deferred to a future meeting to allow the committee to receive all the relevant information.

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